A whole lot of Pretty Faces! Best of 2015 highlights // Lia Giannotti Photography Portraits

Hi again! As some of you saw, yesterday I launched my Best of 2015 highlights wedding and engagements reel. If you missed it, you can find it here! I want to also acknowledge my other passion besides photographing couples in love. That is the portrait side of photographing babies, children and families.

I started photographing portraits long before I started with weddings. I get asked very often, "which do you like photographing more? Children or weddings?" And I always respond the same way... "I love them both equally, but in different ways. They both fulfill me differently." Many people think they're two completely different genres, and I should choose one or the other.  I couldn't disagree more, because photographing one helps me to photograph the other. For example, photographing children for as long as I have, has taught me the art of anticipation, which is so important when photographing weddings. It's also taught me patience, which, well, comes in handy no matter what. ;) I honestly just have a place in my heart for both, and I don't plan on that changing, or giving up one for the other. Photographing a variety babies, children, families, weddings...it keeps it all fun, and keeps me from getting bored. I can honestly say, I love when I have to pick up my camera for a shoot. I love to get my baby fix, and love, love, love, watching these babies and children grow even more, and watching their personalities develop. And it truly comes full circle, when my wedding clients begin their family, and I can watch their babies grow. It just builds such a connection.  It's the best!

 Being behind the camera has always been my happy place, but being able to be a part of people's stories, and documenting these moments takes it to a whole new level. To all of my amazing "clients", (we all know we're friends now), thank you from the bottom of this photographers heart, for trusting me with capturing your families big moments and memories. It truly means so much, that of all the people you could trust to do this, you've chosen me to do so. Wishing everyone an amazing 2016, full of  love, happiness, wonderful memories, and more smiles for all!  <3

Now, sit back, and enjoy... and p.s. there's a lot of images here, because well, I just couldn't narrow it down any further. Images are displayed in no particular order, so scroll through, and find yourself. :)